” THE ORIGINAL”  normal size adult 2 pt AR-15 barrel down position or normal size adult 2 pt barrel up for hunting.


Note: Designed for use on weapons that are 10 lbs or less. Weapon not included. Includes set of standard swivels. Pro Swivels purchased separately.

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Gungeesling is hand made from 100% made in the USA non recycled latex core bungee shock cord that is wrapped in a polypropylene outer shell.

The unique GungeeSling design allows a weapon to be worn around the torso instead of the shoulder.

Our sling is totally modular in that one sling can be used for multiple applications.

The stretch of the GungeeSling allows for reduced stress on the shoulder and neck.

Size large in the 2 point configuration is perfect for normal sized adult in either your hunting rifle and or for your AR-15.

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Weight .5 lbs


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